New Dental Technology

New Dental Technology Offers Faster, Easier Appointments for Both Dentists and Patients

Dental appointments can be somewhat painful and uncomfortable for some people. Painful procedures or even ill-fitting devices such as dentures might discourage you to keep up with your dental appointments and even disregard your dental health altogether. If what we said is true, then this is good news for you.

Technological advancements are not only limited to smartphones or smart devices out on the market right now. Dentists also benefit from new technology with the continuous upgrades they get to their old arsenal. Here are a few technological updates dentists can now enjoy:

  1. EyeCAD Connect

The EyeCAD Connect are smart glasses that are not just for show. These glasses provide the dentists with the ability to check their dental apparatus’ camera display directly from the glasses, thereby helping reduce the amount of time patients have to keep their mouths wide open during a checkup or operation. This not only reduces the time dentists spend waving their heads back and forth, but also prevents patients from having neck and jaw strains from over fatigue.

The glasses allow simultaneous viewing of the patient’s mouth through the dentist’s eyes and camera lens – this allows for smoother dental operations and faster appointments. The device also comes with a mobile connector so that the entire session can be saved for future viewing.

  1. 3D-Printed Teeth

If you have had problems with ill-fitting dentures, then you will be glad to learn of this new technology. 3D printing is currently being used for a lot of different applications, and now it has brought its wide range of benefits to dentistry.

3D printing not only saves time on the actual creation of teeth, but also produces better fitting dentures and implants. This in turn reduces patients’ pain and discomfort – both of which could lead to extended appointments, or even other dental health problems.

  1. ezLase Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is not a new thing – but the advantage of ezLase Teeth Whitening is that the entire procedure is done in 20 minutes or less. BioLase’s ezLase system allows you to get nine shades whiter teeth in less than half an hour. Aside from a fast procedure, the system has its own temporary pain relief system that does away with the minor pain normally related to teeth whitening.

This ultimately means that your entire dental appointment would go faster than before, lessening the risks of injuries that may be caused by prolonged appointments.

These are just a few latest gadgets and procedures that dentists have added in their arsenal, and just goes to show the progress of dental technology. These dental advancements might just be the solution to a better oral health for some people.

Dentists around the world will benefit greatly from these technologies, and so will you. So if you still feel queasy about that dental appointment, just remember that what you might remember as an uncomfortable or painful procedure before, may not be so today, thanks to these advancements.

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